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Monday, December 30, 2013

Installing A Water Purification System In Your West LA Home Can Save You Money

How Clean Is Your Water?

Tap water can have a rusty, hard, and otherwise unpleasant aftertaste. If you have this issue installing a home water purification system can help. While minerals in water can be a good thing, in extreme quantities you will notice it in the taste of your water. The presence of residual chemicals from the local water purification plant can also add to the unpleasant taste of water. With a purification system in place in the home, water tastes like it should.

Natural ground water and tap water are not as clean as claimed by water manufacturers. They are usually contaminated with certain natural impurities, such as nitrate, radon, bacteria, arsenic, and other trace metals. Consuming these natural impurities can cause negative effects on your health

Alternatives to purification are costly and detrimental to the environment. Bottled water poses hazards you might not have known about. Bottled water may leak chemicals from the bottle into the water, and then into your body when you drink it. The chemicals in the plastic bottle also end up polluting the environment during manufacturing and after the bottle is discarded. The use of so much plastic is a drain on remaining petroleum sources.

If you are interested in installing a water purification system in your home, give us a call today. Our professionals will ensure quality service and provide you with the clean and healthy water you and your family deserve. Contact Los Angeles area JO-MI Plumbing today at 310-473-8111 for more information on water purification systems.