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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Commercial And Residential Plumber In West Los Angeles Day And Night.

Do you have a leak? Clog? Low flowing fixtures or a toilet that refuses to flush?
Great! Not for you, for us! We love those problems. No problem is too small or big. At JO-MI plumbing we are dedicated to cleaning up those nasty messes that occur when a sewer system backs up.

Other than the Mario Brothers, we can’t think of anyone more anxious to clean up that muck and mess for you. Any time, day or night. We understand that back-ups and overflows don’t have any regard for what time of day or night they decide to malfunction. When that’s the case, time is of the essence. Our experts will show up expeditiously; unclog, degrease, and un-trap that trapped trap. And it won’t cost you a King’s ransom, either. We offer the most competitive rates in the Southland and have since the Eisenhower administration and plan to for the next 10 presidents and beyond.

So call us today for all of your back-up, sewer drain, clean, and repair. Commercial and residential. Any time, day or night. You have a problem? We’ve got a remedy.