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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Your Home’s Plumbing Should Be Made With The Most Efficient Copper Piping Available

Is your home more than 20 years old? In Southern California, the answer is generally “yes” as the grid was built long ago. Barring some razed properties that built anew atop of the old. Most Southern California homes are asked to endure only moderate weather conditions but the chance the earth will shake uncontrollably at any given time is a real possibility here.
Your home’s structural integrity can be compromised in even the smallest of tremors. It only behooves you to make sure your home’s plumbing is made with the most efficient copper piping available.

What are the advantages of copper piping?

Any current dwelling being built is going to employ the use of copper piping. The reason being is it is resistant to nearly all harsh conditions. Older pipes are made of galvanized metal, which over time corrode and leak and are no longer capable of servicing your home.

Copper pipes have a life span of 80-100 years. That’s a lifetime of worry free water flow.
Call us today for information on copper refitting. We meet both residential and commercial needs. Don’t spring another leak, go copper!

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