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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Serving L.A.'s West Side For Fifty Plus Years

Jo-Mi plumbing has been serving the West Side since the nineteen fifties. Think about that...
We've been rodding lines and unclogging toilets since James Dean wasn't just an icon but a real person! We have been fixing leaks in Boomtown since Marilyn Monroe was a young Norma Jean Mortenson, getting off the bus in tinsel town with stars in her eyes. We had pipe dreams of our own. Looks like they all came true.

They say Los Angeles is a city with a rich history and a short memory. If there is one mainstay in this ever-changing town, It's Jo-Mi plumbing. We have established ourselves as a family business, like the Corleone- Okay maybe the Nelsons are a better example. But when Godfather won best picture in '72- we were there! When Ozzie and Harriet were weekly fixtures on our televisions, again, we were there!

The point is, Jo-Mi plumbing has been serving the Southland since the golden era of tv and into the technological age. And we have done so with first rate service.
A lot of folks come and go here in L.A, but Jo-Mi is here to stay! Hooray for unclogging Hollywood!