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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fiesta Hermosa - Labor Day Weekend 2015

Fiesta Hermosa - Labor Day Weekend 2015
September 5-7, 2015
Music - Food - Beer & Wine - Kiddie Carnival - Craft Vendors.
Come out and enjoy Labor Day Weekend at the Beach.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Water Conservation.

Conserving our water supply is a prime initiative for Californians.  Look around at the wild fires that have ravaged the state.  Water conservation and just as importantly purification should be on everyone’s mind. 

National measures have taken major steps in purifying our drinking water.  Before water reaches your home it goes through an intense cleansing process removing contaminants that may be harmful to your health.  However national mandates can only do so much.

Many homeowners are taking the initiative to ensure that their drinking water is as safe as it can be.  Are you thinking of taking the next step with your water treatment process?  Contact Jo-Mi Plumbing, serving all of West Los Angeles at (310) 473-8111.  Ask the experts about an affordable home filtration system for your home today.  

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Future of Solar Heating.

We can’t say this enough, conservation is one of the most dominant phrases of the 21st century.  Everyone would like the perfect combination:  save the planet and save money at the same time.  When Jo-Mi Plumbing and Solar, your West Los Angeles plumber for more than 6 decades, installs a solar hot water heating system into your home, you’ll find you’re doing plenty of both!

Jo-Mi always encourages their valued customers to make use of the #1 free resource in the world…the sun.  Whenever possible we need to reduce our carbon footprint and our reliance on fossil fuels.  The solar hot water heating system includes a solar collector and storage tank that will be installed by our expert energy-saving team. You will be going green - and saving green -within a few days.

Do not hesitate another day.  The future of our planet depends on energy-conscious people like you.  Call Jo-Mi Plumbing and Solar today, just as your parents and their parents before them did, at (310) 473-8111.  Go Green…and Save Green!