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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Street Food Cinema - Enjoy the Outdoors!

Street Food Cinema
"Street Food Cinema is more than just an outdoor movie. It’s an experience. Bringing together the best in pop culture films, gourmet street food and progressive new music, Street Food Cinema reinvents the traditional movie going experience – al fresco style."

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How Can I Save Money On My Water Bill?

The more a toilet flushes, the higher your plumbing bill will be.  If you live in an apartment you usually need to cover your own expenses regarding utilities.  Even if you don’t have to you will be on a short leash with the landlord if the water bill gets out of hand.  Reducing plumbing costs in an apartment requires cooperation.

Shower Instead of Bathe

There is significant savings of water when you do not fill up a big bath tub every night.  Baths are simply more expensive than showers.  At least mix it up.  Take more 5 minute showers and less long, hot baths and your water bill will be reduced.

Flush Less

Two to eight gallons of water are lost on average every time a toilet is flushed, so save water by only flushing the toilet when necessary. Flushing even once or twice a day less than you are currently not only saves you money, but helps the environment.

Check for Leaks

A dripping faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water over the course of a month. Annually, these gallons add up to a lot of financial waste. Make sure you shut off each faucet completely when you are done using it. Also be sure to inspect your pipes regularly for water leaks.

For any plumbing need contact West Los Angeles area JO-MI Plumbing at 310-473-8111 for more information or help on saving money and the environment.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Need a New Water Heater?

Before you decide to spend several hundred dollars for a storage-tank heater or even thousands for a tankless or solar model, find out if your old water heater can be fixed. A corroded storage-tank model is beyond repair, but a leaky drain or pressure-relief valve or perhaps a burned-out heating element can often be fixed. Here is a simple rule of thumb: Consider a repair if the labor cost (which warranties often exclude) averages less than $50 per year over the years left in the warranty. Otherwise, buy a new one, especially if the warranty has run out.

Once you have done your homework and determined the proper course of action make sure that you contact JO-MI Plumbing in West Los Angeles.  They will help you with your decision to repair or replace your water heater.  Beyond that, if replacement is the correct option for you they will help you with the most efficient choice.

JO-MI Plumbing and Solar Inc. serving West Los Angeles for more than 60 years wants to save you money!  For example, installing a tankless water heater is breakthrough technology heating only the amount of water needed - unlike those inefficient old tanks - drastically lowering your energy bills.  Not only that, but they take up far less room than tanks, last nearly twice as long, and can be mounted on virtually any wall in your home.  Call JO-MI Plumbing today at (310) 473-8111.