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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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Going…and Staying Green.

It is more important than ever to go “Green”. Conserving energy is something we must all embrace. Conservation is the key to sustainability. This is something the Amish, Native Americans, Homesteaders and outdoor-lovers alike are all aware of. We must, as a society, take only what we need and store the rest. How does this apply to plumbing?  Well, solar power isn't just a novelty of the late seventies. Solar power is a real way to save and conserve money and energy while leaving little to no carbon footprint.

Heating your home's water with solar power is something that has been possible to do for a few decades now. Concern of climate change due to the result of industrial pollution gave a more serious tenor to solar power. As a result, in 2014, over 100,000 American homeowners installed solar energy systems.  That number will rise every year as we pull together to save the planet. There are three factors driving this explosion: a glut of cheap panels manufactured mainly in China, a 30 percent federal tax break on installation through 2016, and the rise of third-party leasing companies like Sunrun that practically eliminate start-up costs for homeowners like Lieser, who can't afford installation on their own.

Have we convinced you yet? We are Jo-Mi Plumbing and Solar, serving all of West Los Angeles for more than six decades.  Give us a call today for more information about “the green wave” at (310) 473-8111.   Solar power is the way to go. Go green or go to the poor house.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Meet the Verdugo Mountains' very own mountain lion: P-41

The Verdugo Mountains are his home. He's P-41, a male mountain lion who is 'kind of a ham'

West Los Angeles Plumbers

When one family has specialized in the same business for over 60 years you know there is a consistency of quality and service that has continued through the decades.  In the plumbing world nothing could be more important than offering the best service at the lowest possible price- year in and year out.  That is the tradition of JO-MI plumbing serving West Los Angeles since 1953.  Your grandparents counted on JO-MI for all of their plumbing needs and now so do you.

The good news is that technology has changed.  JO-MI is always on the cutting edge of those changes.  There have been major advances in plumbing, heating, and solar innovations.  With the improvements in technology comes improved performance…and best of all more efficiency which results in lower prices!

JO-MI plumbing serving all of West Los Angeles makes their customer’s lives easier with their innovative products and dedicated service.  After all, it has been their family tradition for more than 60 years.  And keep this in mind, they add value to your home by reducing the carbon footprint of the neighborhood.  Call JO-MI plumbing today at (310) 473-8111 or visit their website at